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Celebrate with us the best day of your life.
We are here to coordinate your wedding day so that you can truly enjoy it with your family and friends.
The combination of tradition and innovation is the main feature of our
PNG locations.

PNG | Pio Nono Group is pleased to welcome you to the region where people know the meaning of hospitality. Our services are available to our customers to satisfy their requests and realize their dreams in an environment of excellence that includes the territories of Franciacorta,  Lake Iseo and Brescia city. Attention to detail and constant quest for quality characterize our professionalism. We share with our clients the passion for comfort and elegance, values that shape our philosophy.
The perpetual research in the field of hospitality and the intellectual curiosity are peculiarities that distinguish our work and that represent at its best the uniqueness of an undiscovered territory.
PNG | Pio Nono Group interprets and satisfies its customers’ desires by offering four different locations, each with its own peculiarities and excellent food services. The versatility of each structure allows us to satisfy every requirement, whether it is for business or leisure. An important part of our mission is to offer the best location and the perfect frame to make each event unforgettable.

Quality, atmosphere, territoriality, food & beverage offer are our watchwords.


Png and Region


What makes PNG | Pio Nono Group’s facilities even more special is their connection with the environment. All of them fit perfectly in a unique and enchanting landscape, with evocative and fascinating views, where simplicity has the chance to prove itself in all its beauty. The Franciacorta, with its gentle hills, is an attraction for many visitors and being still unknown to the mass arouses the curiosity of the discovery, making it even more charming.

Iseo Lake

Not too far from the vineyards, there is another marvel of Northern Italy, the Lake Iseo. The stillness of its waters, the green shades of the surrounding mountains and the pink colour of the sunsets, make of it a heaven of peace and serenity, an exceptional place.



Town of Brescia, elegant, refined, full of history and culture, is the icing on the cake of a special area that has so much to offer and is capable of attracting attentive and friendly visitors, fond of beauty and searching for authentic emotions.Brescia Musei has created numerous itineraries to deepen in the history of the city; the highlights are the archaeological Roman area Brixia and the nearby monumental complex of Santa Giulia, listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site because is one of the most important and best preserved Lombard monumental testimony existing on Italian territory. For the lovers of the hidden side of things, there is an interesting guided underground tour that leads to the discovery of the city buried rivers.


PNG locations

are connected with every part of the world

Pio Nono Restaurant

Your wedding in the heart of Franciacorta
Erbusco ( Bs )

The enchanting garden, the imposing marble fountain, the little lovers bridge in the background, the green colour of the luxuriant vegetation interspersed with bright flowers and the sinuous lines of the wrought iron gazebos. Pio Nono Restaurant is a magical location, where you can enjoy your special day.
We offer ample free car parking, no architectural barriers, suggestive indoor and outdoor spaces for your wedding photoshoot and the possibility to stay in the nearby PNG locations.


250 Maximum capacity in one room

  Nearby accommodation facilities of png
restaurant regional and international cuisine

Pio Nono Restaurant is located in the town of Erbusco, at the foot of the hills on which the Franciacorta rests. Rooms are large and elegant, overlooking a well-manicured garden, cared to the minimum detail, capable of offering perfect moments of relaxation and that can be the perfect frame for suggestive events.
Restaurant Pio Nono makes available to its customers spaces that are perfect for every occasion, offering food & beverage services of high quality and a unique welcome. The offer is completed by the nearby accommodation facilities of PNG | Pio Nono Group. Guests have only to choose where they prefer to stay: immersed in the countryside of Colombera Golf Resort, among the rolling hills and vineyards of Borgo Santa Giulia or surrounded by the historical rooms of the refined Villa Fenaroli Palace Hotel, only a few steps away from the city centre of Brescia.


Villa Fenaroli Palace Hotel

Your wedding in a timeless location
Rezzato ( Bs )

Once you have crossed the majestic entrance gate, you immediately find yourself back in time, in an ancient era with magnificent villas, carriages drawn by white horses and gardens embellished with architectural structures. The majestic façade of Villa Fenaroli is embellished with the charm of the imposing statues on the balcony overlooking the courtyard and the neo-classical elegance. Villa Fenaroli offers 86 modern and fully equipped rooms (including 10 junior suites and a suite) with the best high-quality services. We offer ample free car parking, no architectural barriers and suggestive indoor and outdoor spaces for your wedding photoshoot.

250 Maximum capacity in one room

86 sleeping rooms

regional and international cuisine

Villa Fenaroli Palace Hotel is located in Rezzato, in the outskirts of Brescia, a city rich in history and culture, which offers undiscovered areas of extraordinary beauty. The architecture of the villa dates back to the 17th century and its rooms still hold the charm of a shiny past. Its splendour has been preserved through the years making it, still in the present days, one of the most prestigious locations in North Italy, reason that granted it the prestigious classification of National Monument. Villa Fenaroli Palace Hotel is the perfect location to host wedding destination guests, with 86 bedrooms available to our customers. The refined atmosphere and the precious details of each space will give a timeless experience of elegance and prestige.


LA Colombera Golf Resort

Your wedding in the green countryside
Castrezzato ( Bs )

The combination of the rustic of the farmhouse and romantic taste of the charming pond with the swans will make you day dream. The exposed beams of the wonderful porch and the columns made of  bricks will make you feel part of a world far from modernity. At Colombera Golf Resort you can comfortably rest in one of the eleven beautiful rooms surrounded by the bright green of the countryside. We offer ample free car parking, no architectural barriers, suggestive indoor and outdoor spaces for your wedding photoshoot.


150 Maximum capacity in one room

11 sleeping rooms

specialized in meat dishes

Colombera Golf Resort is located in Castrezzato, immersed in the countryside of Brescia, at the gates of Franciacorta. The peculiarity of this beautiful early 20th Century farmhouse is the natural environment, perfect setting to regain peace and serenity. The golf courses and the small lakes make the unique atmosphere even more enchanting. The Golf Club, the stables and the nearby Franciacorta Racetrack, offer the possibility of great leisure time; moreover, the internal kitchen, specialized in grilled meat, can satisfy your senses and enrich every event, with the support of an excellent wine list. The 11 rooms available to the guests give the perfect opportunity for an outstanding stay.


Borgo Santa Giulia

Your wedding among the Franciacorta vineyards
Timoline di Corte Franca ( Bs )

Combining features of intimacy, the feeling of peace, the airiness of the portico interspersed with columns and arched windows, the exposed wooden beams and the beautiful surrounding garden, Borgo Santa Giulia can make your dreams real. The silence of the surrounding vineyards and the scent of grapes are part of the wonderful landscape that surrounds you and will make your wedding ceremony unique. Moreover Borgo Santa Giulia has seven rooms, three junior suites and four superior rooms, each one with its own peculiar atmosphere. We offer ample free car parking, no architectural barriers, suggestive indoor and outdoor spaces for your wedding photoshoot.


230 Maximum capacity in one room

7 sleeping rooms

specialized in fish dishes

Borgo Santa Giulia is located in Timoline di Corte Franca, in the heart of Franciacorta, only a few kilometres from Lake Iseo. The historic 18th century residence is the jewel in the crown of PNG | Pio Nono Group. It is a place of unquestionable exclusivity, beauty and glamour. The external portico surrounds a courtyard of seductive atmosphere that amplifies the charm of the elegant and refined rooms of this historical building. The internal kitchen is specialized in fish dishes; the fresh fish arrives on daily basis from the markets of Chioggia and Milan. The customers will surely enjoy the beauty of this happy place surrounded by vineyards and will be inspired by the magic quiet of the lake waters that can be enjoyed while sipping a goblet of wine with refined aromas.


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Catering services in other locations

We can search and select locations and villas, in Franciacorta and surroundings, which can respond to different needs and desires. Our organization will take care of the catering service and every aspect of the wedding day, as if it was  in a PNG | Pio Nono Group location. Thanks to different locations partners, we can guarantee our professionalism and high standards.


Civil Ceremony

A flawless wedding ceremony spent with loved ones to celebrate the union of two people where the wedding officiants will celebrate your magical moment in enchanting rooms and suggestive outdoor spaces. Our dedicated wedding coordinators will guide you through the best possible options to suit the spirit of your day and will be there to take the stress away.


  • Wedding Ceremony planning
  • Wedding decorations

Religious Ceremony

The solennity and emotion of religious marriage, the unique scanarios of Franciacorta and ancient ( historical ) churches are elements of the religious ceremony. We can look for and select the perfect church near the location of your wedding.


Starters Buffet


Homemade loaves of bread, handmade breadsticks and carasau bread
Chunks of flavoured bread
Pizza gourmet with cow’s milk mozzarella, lard and onion jam
Pizza gourmet with smoked salmon and squacquerone cheese
Savoury pie, puff pastry, stuffed focaccia bread and mini hamburger

Parmesan Cheese, Cheese platter with fruit marmelade
Squacquerone with toasted bread
Gorgonzola cheese with walnuts and honey

Fried vegetables, small fried fishes and fried stuff olives

Toasted bread with Colonnata lard, sausages, Parma culaccia ham, Speck ham and dry-cured meat from Piacenza

Toasted Rustic bread with smoked salmon, marinated marlin fish
Venere rice salad with diced swordfish
Tomato gazpacho with tuna tataki with sesame
Shrimp tails cocktail in pink sauce

This menù is an example and it can edited and customized

Shrimps, cuttlefish and melons salad
Deer ham platter, fig butter and marinated vegetables

Risotto with porcini mushrooms and parmesan crisps
Shrimps and Scallop tortello pasta with tomato soup and cow’s milk mozzarella

Seabass fillet in stew with potatoes, capers, olives and dried tomat crumbs
Lemon Sorbet
Filet mignon beef with green pepper sauce and Storo cornmeal mush flavored with rosemary

Pineapple carpaccio with star anise

Our selection of red wines
Our selection of white wines
Our selection of sparkling and muscatel wine

This menù is an example and it can edited and customized

Services Included

Reharsal dinner in a different location PNG from the one in  whitch you marry

  • Wedding tasting menu
  • Design a menu that you love
  • Unlimited consumption of wine
  • There will be two servings for dish
  • Specific menu for people with celiac desease
  • Specific menu for people with food intolerances
  • Specific menu for vegetarians
  • Specific menu for vegans
  • Specific menu for children
  • Specific menu for culture and religion
  • Children aged 0–2 go free
  • Children aged 3-8 get a 50% discount

Wedding cake

An unforgettable moment you share with your loved ones, in the sweeping background of PNG Locations.
Your wedding cake can be customized for your celebration.


To make the wedding cake cutting, we can organize a special fireworks show

Other services availables:

  • Dessert and Fruit with ice-cream buffet
  • Sugar almond buffet
  • Four different flavoured sorbets buffet


Parties are time to celebrate with loved ones and enjoy their company. PNG Locations provide your guests the opportunity and spaces to dance and have fun.
We offer a late-night extension for dancing, evening salty buffet, open bar or american bar service with cocktails.
To make unforgettable the wedding party we have the possibility to set up cigars and chocolate zone with spirits and liqueurs.


Transport Services

The vintage cars race known as Mille Miglia, has its headquarters in the city of Brescia since its first edition in 1927 and is the reason why in the area there is a visceral passion for cars. The opportunity to get to know this old style world should not be missed; it will be impossible to resist the fascination of driving a vintage car to immerse yourself in the unquestionable beauty and uniqueness of this land. We can organize the transport during the whole stay, included the transport from and to the airport | station.



PNG | Pio Nono Group offers to its guests a total of 100 rooms, spread in four different facilities, offering the opportunity to extend the stay to better explore the territory, to have fun or to deepen the training and work experiences. Elegance, details and a careful service create the perfect atmosphere to live intimate and cosy experiences even away from home. Just like in a household environment, PNG | Pio Nono Group’s aim is to take care of guests, producing unique services, tailored for each customer. For this reason, guests are followed step by step from the booking process to the end of the stay, to satisfy every need and to make their vacation unforgettable. The details of the rooms, the furnishings style and the staff philosophy, all work in synergy to create the right atmosphere to ensure that every moment is perfect. All that the customers have to do, is to choose in which location they prefer to stay: immersed in the green colour of the countryside of Colombera Golf Resort, among the gentle rolling hills and vineyards of Borgo Santa Giulia or in the historical rooms of the refined Villa Fenaroli Palace Hotel, just a few steps away from the centre of the city of Brescia. Everything else will be taken care by PNG Group.


Beauty Services

We select for bride, groom and guests the best professional beauty services:

  • Hairdress and barber
  • Beautican and manicurist
  • Make up artist
  • Massage terapist
  • Personal and yoga trainer

Services can be availables in hotel or private room.

Elegance is not to noticed, it’s about being remembered


Our cuddles

Professional and personal wedding co-ordinator who will be fully available to satisfy your needs and the needs of your gests:

  • Personal wedding coordinator speaks several languages
  • Exclusive and reserved room
  • Suggestive indoor and outdoor spaces for your photoshoot
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • No architectural barriers
  • Complete Wedding Arrangements
  • Customized table seating plan
  • Floral and wedding decorations

Free time with Png


The territory where PNG | Pio Nono Group operates has the peculiarity of the “spumante” wine production, using the champagne method, known all over the world with the name of Franciacorta Bollicine. More and more companies dedicate themselves with passion to the production of this delicacy. Having the chance to observe closely the production techniques and to taste the results represent a unique opportunity. The food has a leading part in the sensory experiences and has its roots in the simplicity of the rural and lake tradition and in the local production of raw materials of the highest quality. The constant research and the glance to the future have created interesting fusions and harmonic relationships of taste and scents that are worth exploring.

You can visit wine cellars:
Ca’ del bosco, Bellavista, Berlucchi, Barone Pizzini


Culture and territory

Guided tour of the most important areas of the Santa Giulia City Museum. A unique museum in Italy and Europe for its exibitions and location. The Santa Giulia City Museum is set up in a monastic complex founded by the Longobards and it leads visitors through the history, arts and spirituality of the city of Brescia, from prehistory to the present days. The museum has a total area of approximately 14,000 square meters.


Guided tour in the heart of Brescia, where you will find major archaeological sites, monumental buildings of the Capitolium area, ruins of the ancient city: The Republican Sanctuary, the Capitolium Temple and the Roman Theatre.

Tour and unique experiences

A full immersion on the RIVA world, a guided tour of the Riva Vintage Collection and a trip on the Iseo Lake on board of the Riva Aquarama.

Taking an exceptional car tour discovering the Franciacorta and the Iseo Lake driving classic cars such as the 60s 500.

A tour between ancient castles and prestigious dwellings, diving into the history of Franciacorta riding a Vespa.

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